happy octobie!

Every day I'm writing more of a little Story.
It is the journal of an egotistical ghost hunter looking for a haunted house.
I will add more october goodies soon because I've spent the last 3 octobers being sick and dead..

WElcome to the official official informative casual web hub of MEEE
On here I'm pasting, I am typing and linking. Have you ever felt so ambivalent? Are you alive?

This website isn't sick yet but I'm getting there and one day I'll be driving a big car

----------UPDATE LOG---------
10/1/2022 Halloween stuff
8/3/2022 I don't know
5/15/2022 Animal Pages
5/15/2022 I'm Using CSS Somewhat Now
5/12/2022 Added Some Comics
3/21/2022 Created Update Log